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Our Latest Playlist

Here’s the latest list of songs we are enjoying the heck out of – check ’em out, and be sure to follow us on Spotify.

Share the Wintry Embrace of “Collapser” by Kid Koala and Emiliana Torrini

Cover art for Kid Koala’s “music to draw to: satellite”.

Kid Koala, “Collapser” (ft. Emiliana Torrini) (Arts & Crafts, 1/20/2017)

“One day you’ll know/Why i had to go”

There are moments, when walking out amidst newly falling snow, when background noises are muted, replaced with a preternatural stillness.  Small dots of white in the air and on the ground sift and swirl together, dusting brows and lashes and forming a constantly evolving portrait.  It’s a thrillingly rare moment of stillness, often best experienced under the close cover of darkness – like being under the dome of your own snow globe.

Play this song at the turn of the key.

Featuring vocals from Emiliana Torrini.  Taken from Kid Koala’s forthcoming music to draw to: satellite, due January 20 courtesy of Arts & Crafts (pre-order here).  Follow Kid Koala on fbook and the twitt.

“Wherever You Are”, by LA’s Winter, Is a Dream Pop Wish Upon a Star

Winter, “Wherever You Are” (self-released 8/18/16)

LA’s Winter is a musical project of vocalist/guitarist Samira Winter, with recording and live work from David Yorr, Garren Orr and Matt Hogan.  “Wherever You Are” is a new release from the band – with it, they’ve crafted a woozy, sinuous track fit snugly at the intersection of psych- and dream pop.

Opening with a kaleidoscopic, Vangelis-like keyboard intro, “Wherever” features Winter’s feather light, whispered vocals amid arpeggioed, thrumming guitar lines and layered effects, all building towards an absolute skyscraper of a chorus.  Musical sign posts abound, from ones you might expect (Pale Saints, Cocteau Twins (the phaser/delay effect at the 3:45 is particularly Guthrie-esque), MBV, the airier edge of trip hop), to some you might not (there’s hints of the more wide open, arena ready psych of Spiritualized, as well as a something that reminded me of “Us and Them” by Pink Floyd).

The notes on the group’s Bandcamp page indicate the song was initially recorded in the singer’s bedroom.  This makes sense, as there’s a feeling here akin to staring out of the window into the night sky, searching for answers or a new way.  Goodnight, (dark side of the) moon.

“Wherever You Are” is available to download (for $1!) via Bandcamp.  From some of the posts on Winter’s fbook page (you can also check them on the twitt), it would appear the band is at work on a new full length.  Here’s hoping.