About thegrindinghalt.com
(or, the After-the-Fact Justification)


Well, well, what to say…

The purpose of this site is to provide me, its human overlord, with an outlet to write about the music – new and old, regardless of class or phylum – that pricks up my ears, provides catharsis or makes me shake my bon bon.  The focus is on reviews of things I’ve recently discovered, rediscovered or have never stopped listening to, rather than critiques of everything that has come out in a given week.

I decided to try my hand at this – not because I feel that “what the world/needs now/is…” another music website – but because music has been either a borderline or actual obsession for most of my existence.  I’m drawn to actual, rather than manufactured, energy and emotion in songs and hope to impart at least a sliver of that in my writing.  As you will no doubt quickly deduce from the rank amateurism on display within, I come at this from the point of view of a committed fanboy and frustrated musician, rather than that of an experienced journalist.

Below are a few words that may (or may not) have been used, at one time or another, to describe music I’ve loved* – if any of this sounds enticing, please take some time to read and comment as you see fit:

snotty; neanderthal; puerile;

brash; ethereal; jangly; funky; def;

spirit raising; soul crushing

– *Disclaimer: I can neither prove, nor disprove, any of this – surely you didn’t expect actual research?!

Any music, photos, videos or other media included on this site are included solely to promote the artists and to enhance the writing herein.  If you feel any intellectual property rights have been infringed by their inclusion, please contact info@thegrindinghalt.com and I will use all reasonable efforts to resolve any issue.

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