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Glasgow’s Lush Purr Deliver Lo-fi Beauty on Cuckoo Waltz

Lush Purr, Cuckoo Waltz (Song, by Toad)

Lush Purr are a ‘new to me’ band hailing from Glasgow, and Cuckoo Waltz their debut long-player.  Having described their sound as “[l]ike having a party under the sea”. and quoting Spinal Tap in a recent interview with The List, the band clearly enjoys playing up the goof (song titles such as “(I admit it) I’m a Gardener”, “Jamiroquai at the Karaoke” and “Stuck in a Bog” bear this out).

But, where much similarly “jokey” content often leaves me wanting to run screaming, all I seem to do when listening to Cuckoo Waltz is smile – and I’m not what you’d normally refer to as an “up person” (queue this).  The overarching reason for this is down to a feeling conveyed across the record’s 13 tracks, each of which carry many styles – kitschy pscyh, C86-style indie sha-la-la, early 90s emotive lo-fi (shades of The Pastels, Flatmates, The Wedding Present, on through to newer bands like halfsour or Snail Mail) – but one constant:  beautiful, dreamy melodies.  Seriously, try to get through the floating harmonies of “Suits” without bobbing your head to and fro, a wistful grin smeared across your face – you won’t even know you’re doing it, you dour shit.

As for the submarine soiree, while there is a certain beach-like or surf quality to some songs (see, “Gardener” and, predictably, short intro, “Wave”), this would be beach music for those of us familiar with the shores of more northern climes. Walking along a strand strewn with rocks, sea glass and driftwood, feet sinking into sand more the texture of dark clay than white powder; sea spray and the embracing damp of a rolling fog, nestled in a worn sweater or anorak.  Grab your tipple of choice and settle in.

Originally released on cassette last August on Fuzzkill Records, Cuckoo Waltz now available, digitally and on vinyl, via Song, by Toad.  Stalk Lush Purr on fbook and the twitt, and catch them on their upcoming tour dates.

On “The Stooge”, CFM Delivers the Proto-Punk Goods

CFM, “The Stooge” (In the Red)

CFM is a four-piece band making good use of main dude Charles Moothart’s initials (Moothart is a frequent collaborator of Ty Segall’s, both on albums like Slaughterhouse and in side projects like Gøggs and Fuzz).  The group released its debut long-player, Still Life of Citrus and Slime, earlier this year, and is now back with a new EP, Homegrown Paranoia.  Recently shared track, “The Stooge”, offers a taste.

“The Stooge” is an open-faced, space-boogie jam sandwich, piled high with the taught, razor-sharp melodies and shag pile layers of fuzz you’d expect from a Segall co-conspirator.  Moothart’s voice has a bit of a keening, early Ozzy feel to it, particularly in the way he rounds out the tone on some of the lyrics.  Things begin to unravel around the 1:45 mark – clarion feedback changing the view through the tv eye of the track’s (almost) namesake; a completely deranged guitar solo feeding a full-fledged MC5-style riot goin’ on – and remains barely hinged through to the end, Moothart repeating the word “desperate”.

Homegrown Paranoia is due next month, from In the Red Recordings.  Credit to the excellent CLRVYNT mag for the tweet tip on this one – check out their write up on the band here, which includes upcoming tour dates (true story: I saw CFM open for Ty Segall and the Muggers in the spring; they’re well worth your hard earned).