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Listen to The Raveonettes’ “This Is Where It Ends”, the Latest Rave-Sound-of-the-Month

The Raveonettes, “This Is Where it Ends” (self-released, 9/30/2016)

“Sometimes things can take an unexpected nasty turn and then you gotta deal with it. You either learn from it or you don’t, such is life.”

According to a post on their fbook page, this quote describes the feelings behind “This Is Where It Ends”, the latest installment of The Raveonettes’ “Rave-Sound-of-the-Month” (described by the band as an “anti-album” project).

“This Is Where It Ends” is a short, moving psych ballad – and it had us from its opening, woozy carnival-like melody.  Spiritualized meets Suicide ‘round a bonfire on a beach, at dawn.  The break at around the 1:30 mark nails 50s ballad chord changes onto the orchestrated version of “Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want” from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  It is absolutely gorgeous, and further cements The Raveonettes as easily the most vibrant of bands remaining from the vaunted rock resurrection of the early 2000s.  Rave on.

Check out the official lyric video, below, and subscribe to the Rave-Sound-of-the-Month (and listen to previous entries) on the band’s site.  In addition to fbook, you can also follow along with The Raveonettes on the twitt.

New Music: The Raveonettes, Junko Ozawa

The Raveonettes, “Junko Ozawa” (self-released, 4/29/16)


We’ve been fans of The Raveonettes for ages – they had us at “Attack of the Ghost Riders” and we’ve never let go.  “Junko Ozawa” is both the band’s latest release and the April installment of their “Rave-Sound-of-the-Month” club, which sees the band releasing new material, well, monthly (Ed – cheers, Capt. Obvi).  This one’s named in honor of a noted Japanese video game music composer.  That’s her picture, above; the official, lyric video is below.

“Junko” represents a potent marriage of the JAMC-meets-Eddie-Cochran sound of their earlier material and the newer, sleeker noir/shoegaze/surf (shurfnoir?) dance party of their more recent output.  The track features a tight, minimalist electronic sound paired with blips, bleeps and bloops suitable for one of its eponym’s games.  Sune Rose Wagner’s treated, helium vocals – which sound a bit like Prince in his “Camille” days – begin unfettered, then are gradually weighed down by static and other distortive noises, as he sings “the friends I lost/were never meant to be”.  Game over.

“Junko” is my joint favorite of the four monthly tracks released by the band thus far, together with January’s icily beautiful, 808 inflected, “This World Is Empty (Without You)” – don’t make me choose!  Check that one out, here.

Happily, The Raveonettes singles club for the 21st century project looks to be turning into a full-blown full-length.  Head over to the band’s Pledgemusic page for more info.  Rave on.

Follow along with the band, and sign up to receive monthly ‘sounds’, on their website.