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New Music: Innerspace Orchestra, One Way Glass

Innerspace Orchestra, “One Way Glass” (Different Recordings, 3/4/2016)

Innerspace Orchestra is a group comprised of Rose Elinor Dougall (formerly of The Pipettes, as well as an established solo artist), Tom Furse of The Horrors, and Cathy Lucas of Fanfarlo.

“One Way Glass”, a Manfred Mann rework, is their debut single as a group, combining the cinemascopic, prog/wave lushness favored of late by Furse’s main group, with Dougall’s dreamy, psych-inflected, halcyon pop and Fanfarlo’s rhythmic sensibility.  The single swirls and sways through 3 minutes and change of pure bliss – from the shuffling, baggy drum intro, on through the raga sitar breakdown towards its completion.  A song with so many elements that it runs the risk of coming off bloated, instead feels effortless.

Dougall’s voice is as enchanting as ever, inhabiting the groove and melody from within – she’s an artist whose post-Pipettes body of work deserves a wider audience; here’s hoping she gets it.

“One Way Glass” is out now on [PIAS] electronic imprint, Different Recordings (under license from Smile Recordings).  Enjoy the trippy video, below, and follow the band’s musings on fbook and the twit.