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Fayetteville’s Ten High Announce Debut Full-Length, “Self-Entitled”

Ten High, Self-Entitled (Rare Plant Records)

Ten High are a new (to me) four piece based out of Fayetteville, AR.  To date, the group has released three EPs, played shows will tgh faves like Aquarian Blood, and have name checked as inspiration several others, including the Blind Shake and Ex-Cult.  Recently, drummer/vocalist Devan Theos was kind enough to pass along a link to their debut full-length, Self-Entitled (get it?), and I’m glad she did.

Self-Entitled finds Ten High tearing through an eleven-song set chock full o’ straight up r’nr, hints of psychobilly, 60s beat, hardcore, garage, psych – basically anything that sounds great played loud – all chewed up and spit out on a platter.  Primary vocalist Cat Owens’ shredded pipes recall Reverend Beat Man’s gruff screed, pairing like a fine ripple with the jagged-edged guitar and short/sharp drum and bass combination of Theos and Aaron Smith (as a former – terrible – bassist, I love the thick, rubbery bass sound).  Theos takes the mic sounding like a young Kate Pierson on the stomping “Skin Crawlers”, which comes off like a psychobilly take on Walk Among Us-era Misfits.

As with the best of so-called ‘noise’ rock, these tracks come based on infectious melodies residing dead center in the maelstrom.  “Royal Blood” employs a bit of blues boogie, while “Fakers” had my brain checking to Three Dog Night, for fuck’s sake.  Brilliant, even though I blame them for having “Mama Told Me Not to Come” for a full day…bygones.

Self-Entitled is available digitally and on cassette on April 5, courtesy of Rare Plant Records.  Ten High will be on Greenway Records’ upcoming showcase at SXSW, for all you lucky mallards heading to Austin.  There’s also a few dates before that, as well as a west coast US tour planned for the summer – check out the Ten High fbook for the dates.

Highlights include: “User’s Choice”; “Skin Crawlers”; “Fakers”; “The Trouble”.

Track Review: The Amazing Snakeheads, “Testifying Time”

The Amazing Snakeheads, Testifying Time/Truth Serum single (Domino Recordings, 6/19/2013)

“Come on child/There’s no need ta/fuckin’ hide!”

…yes, there is.  The Amazing Snakeheads hail from Glasgow, and the thick Scottish brogue attached to the psychotic snarling of lead singer Dale Barclay make this like a trip down a dark close, following a wee green faery, to a dark club full of wonderful, dangerous sounds.  It’s rock and roll bliss – until you get bottled and wake up in the gutter…with a shit eating grin on your face.

The a-side is solid psychobilly in the vain of Guana Batz or Reverend Beat Man; it’s the b-side, however, that glows – Barclay raining fire and brimstone over tones reminiscent of The Gun Club and even ‘Pink Flag’-era Wire.  Testify.

Track Review: Fat White Family, “Touch the Leather”

Fat White Family, Touch the Leather/Yellow Woman 7” (Hate Hate Hate Records, 3/10/2014)

“Sport socks and a/warm sweater”

Sleazy, sexy, ooky.  The Birthday Party carousing with Suicide and The Cramps at a bacchanal.  Writhing sirens ply you with drink and exhort you out of your humdrum togs and into something latex.  A masked figure leads you, leashed, to the inner chamber.  Touch the leather, indeed.

Loving this band right now, out of London-se-Algeria (per their bio) – their debut full length, out last year, was a mish mash of craziness.  This double a-side single (I particularly like the krautrocky opening bars of the “redux” version of the a-side) is slinky, but in a pleasingly menacing way.  Go get it.

[Shout out to Sam at the label for hooking me up with the download for this.  Cheers, Sam – whinging on Facebook really does work!]