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New Music: Fat White Family, Whitest Boy on the Beach

Fat White Family, “Whitest Boy on the Beach” (Without Consent)

New single from one of our favorites, taken from forthcoming new album, Songs for Our Mothers.

“Whitest” thumps and bumps it’s way through the consummation of an unholy matrimony of groups like Throbbing Gristle (the band pic promoting the single bears more than a passing resemblance to this), Suicide, Plastic Bertrand – triumphal, synthesized horns invoking Sparksian levels of quirky art pop, thundering o’er a ‘Heart of Glass’ shattering bassline.  As ever, there’s more than a hint of menace lurking beneath the glitter ball, singer Lias Saoudi rolling around on the trash and glitter strewn floor of a deserted disco, cooing lines like “who’s the weakest link in the chain?”.

Songs For Our Mothers is set for release January 22 on the band’s own Without Consent label – purchasing a copy is the easiest resolution you’ll ever make.  Tickets are on sale now for their UK tour – you can find all dates on their Facebook page.

Track Review: Fat White Family, “Touch the Leather”

Fat White Family, Touch the Leather/Yellow Woman 7” (Hate Hate Hate Records, 3/10/2014)

“Sport socks and a/warm sweater”

Sleazy, sexy, ooky.  The Birthday Party carousing with Suicide and The Cramps at a bacchanal.  Writhing sirens ply you with drink and exhort you out of your humdrum togs and into something latex.  A masked figure leads you, leashed, to the inner chamber.  Touch the leather, indeed.

Loving this band right now, out of London-se-Algeria (per their bio) – their debut full length, out last year, was a mish mash of craziness.  This double a-side single (I particularly like the krautrocky opening bars of the “redux” version of the a-side) is slinky, but in a pleasingly menacing way.  Go get it.

[Shout out to Sam at the label for hooking me up with the download for this.  Cheers, Sam – whinging on Facebook really does work!]