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New Music: bummed, smoking jewels

bummed, “smoking jewels” 7” (self-released, 3/13/2016)

A lovely slice of swooning dream-pop/shoegaze from Somerville, MA’s bummed (we’ve retained the band’s e.e. cummings approach to punctuation – please refrain from rioting with pitchforks and copies of Strunk & White).

This new single sees the band moving away from the more lo-fi aspects of their 2014 self-titled release (which is also well worth checking out).  A-side, “smoking jewels” features a jangly, finger-picked guitar melody over a muscular, start/stop rhythm; sheer, largely indecipherable vocals are dead center in the mix, swaddled in reverb.  B-side, “no reward” adds peals of feedback and a more steady, driving beat.

The 7” – as well as a digital version – is available now via the band’s Bandcamp page; hopefully, it’s a teaser for a new long-player. Check them out there, and here.