Preview: New Tracks from Lust For Youth

Preview:  Lust For Youth, “Better Looking Brother”; “Stardom” (Sacred Bones)

Two new tracks – “Better Looking Brother” and “Stardom” – were released this month from Compassion, the forthcoming album from Danish three-piece Lust for Youth.  Since the band’s 2014 release, International, was a particularly favorite ‘round these parts, it seemed like a good idea to have a listen.  Each track erects skyscrapers upon International’‘s lush new wave/electro bedrock, without sacrificing a certain intimacy.

The first, “Better Looking Brother”, swings and swirls, harkening back to Introspective-era Pet Shop Boys and other late 80s new wave/house music hybrids – as well as bands like Camouflage and Propaganda – as Hannes Norrvide sings of said brother’s “part to play, tonight/in whatever is to come”.  “Stardom” is, quite simply, epic.  Like the imperial phase of OMD (think Pacific Age), the track’s squelchy bass lines and chorale, glassy synths would have fit in nicely at the moment of romantic awakening in an 80s teen drama (yes, this is a good thing, you cynic).  Triumphal, hook-laden gorgeousness for “all you lovers out there”.

Compassion is released March 18 on Sacred Bones, but is available for pre-order here.  The band has a (very) few US dates set on their upcoming tour, so check them out if you’re able – all dates can be found on the band’s fbook page.

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