Track Review: The Radio Dept., This Repeated Sodomy

The Radio Dept. “This Repeated Sodomy” (Labrador, 09/11/2015)


Welcome return of Swedish dream-pop heroes and faves.

While the band the group has at times sacrificed reverb and feedback indie rock for a more synthesized, beat driven new wave bounce, that is not the case here.   This new single showcases the effortless, wistful jingle-jangle charm of early tracks like “Where Damage Isn’t Already Done” from 2003 (egads!) debut, Lesser Matters – insular and warm, the thin veneer of distortion like creases in a well-loved chair; a glint of sunshine from behind a curtain of fog.  The lyrics cite the recent referendums on the Greek economy – and the titular activity visited on the Greek people in the name of ‘austerity’ – but can easily be read more broadly, singer Johan Duncanson calling for ‘decency…to establish equality/instead of this [repeated/unwanted/one-sided] sodomy’.

“Sodomy” is out now on Labrador Records.  Flying by at a little more than two minutes, it serves as a sort of amuses oreilles for their upcoming album (according to the label, the track will not feature).  Go forth, and download from your music service of choice – or just stream it, we’re not judging.

If this is your introduction to The Radio Dept., do yourself a favor and check out their back catalogue, and go like them on the Facebook.

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