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Crooked Teeth Sign to Lost in the Manor, Share Euphoric “Mountain Song”

We’re back! (hello?) After a fun, voodoo-filled family holiday in N’awlins (what?), we’ve been busy sifting through our inbox for treasure. One such shiny bauble comes from new (to us) band Crooked Teeth, formed three years or so ago in Glasgow and now hq’d in London. Following on last year’s excellent “Mirrors”, the trio’s forthcoming new single is called “Mountain Song”. 

“Mountain Song” is a euphoric mix of dancefloor friendly indie pop and spiky electro. The press release accompanying the track describes it as a mix of Underworld, Doves and Chemical Brothers – I might add sprinkles of Architecture and Morality-era OMD in the plonkier synth notes and flashes of britpop pomp in the stormy chorus, with vocal tones reminiscent of Lee Mavers.  (Maybe if M. Mavers had done ‘Setting Sun’ instead of Noel G.? Perchance, to dream). The overall effect is of half-light, the track’s widescreen glimmer hooded, ever so slightly, by a gauzy shade of effects. True to it’s name, the track’s resounding chorus would sound truly majestic echoing over clifftops or reverberating through valleys.

“Mountain Song” will be released, together with fellow a-side, “The American Dream”, on Lost in the Manor records in the UK. Crooked Teeth have lined up a slot at The Great Escape festival in Brighton, UK, so catch them there, if you can. You can also virtually stalk the band on fbook and the twitt.

Check the Psych-Soaked Garage Rock of “Dark Clouds/Don’t Know Why”, the New Single from Germany’s The Wrong Society

“Dark Clouds/Don’t Know Why” 7″ (13 o’clock Records, 9/6/2016)

The Wrong Society are a 4-piece out of Hamburg, who have been releasing records since 2013 but are new to us.  The band make hazy, psych-soaked garage rock that evokes merseybeat and bands like The Seeds, 13th Floor Elevators, The Monks and The Small Faces.  “Dark Clouds/Don’t Know Why” is the band’s new, 7” single, and it’s a belter.

I actually first heard b-side “Don’t Know Why”, and was immediately hooked by its rain soaked pavement charm, the feel reminiscent of The Kinks’ “So Tired of Waiting”.  A-side, “Dark Clouds”, has the appropriate air of malevolence you want in a garage rock version of a “done me wrong” song – the clouds bring sadness, yes, but with a hint of payback?  Stay tuned.

“Dark Clouds/Don’t Know Why” is out now on 13 O’Clock Records, and can be purchased via The Wrong Society Bandcamp page (as well as the other, usual suspects).  For more on the band,  check them out on fbook