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“Do What You Want To”, the New Single from Olympia’s VEXX, Puts the Strut in Punk

VEXX, “Do What You Want To” (M’Lady’s Records (US): Upset! The Rhythm (EUR/UK))

Olympia’s VEXX made an immediate impact on ears/minds/souls in 2014 with their debut, self-titled EP.  Then followed last year’s equally fantastic, if more nuanced, “Give and Take” 7”, which saw the band stretch their scorched earth punk/hc with touches of the serious blues and r&b riffage hinted at on debut tracks like “Strength” and “Ocean Shores”.

Now, VEXX returns with “Do What You Want To” – the first taste of new EP/mini-LP “The Wild Hunt”.   It’s a groovy amalgam of punk/blues crunch and 70s power-pop strut, with a seriously killer Chuck Berry riff and a rhythmic shimmy evoking visions of spandex jumpsuits and the sounds of The Sex Pistols to Sweet to the Runaways.

If your issue with power-pop is its tendency towards a more mawkish (and male-driven) take on romance/‘getting some’, fear not gentle reader.  For while singer Maryjane Dunphe is enticed by the person who’s caught her eye, they receive the titular line to do as they wish – no falsetto plea to ‘go all the way’, here, as the track begins to unravel before ending abruptly with a shriek.  All killer; no filler.

“The Wild Hunt” is due in October as a joint release of two excellent labels: M’Lady’s Records out of Portland, OR and the UK’s Upset! the Rhythm – and is available for pre-order now via either/or.  Do what you wanna, &etc.  While you’re doing that, you can check out more about VEXX here.

New Track: Taiwan Housing Project, Maintenance of An Application

Taiwan Housing Project, Maintenance of An Application (M’Ladys Records)

In a post-Memorial Day world, where ears often tune to vacuous pop paeans to partying, dancing, being hot for some girl, guy, Barbie robot, zombie sex god …there’s this sweet bit of dissonant, raucous, noisy relief from Philly’s Taiwan Housing Project.  A feel good hit for a different summer.

This is a gloriously disorienting, careening, mess of a song.  Peals of feedback screech, dive, swoop and swirl like so many banshees around the shouted vocals of Kilynn Lunsford, held together (just) by a steady, ominous rhythm – the aural equivalent of the psycho dude with the flesh mask and the power tool whose lurching, relentless pursuit is undeterred by gunshot, stabbing and/or burning.  Sweet dreams!

“Maintenance” is taken from a new EP, which gets a physical release July 28, courtesy the awesome (or, should i say, esteemed) M’lady’s Records out of Portland, OR – you can preorder a digital copy now on the label’s Bandcamp page (while you’re there, you can listen to another great, Sonic Youth-y track, “White Frosted”).

Go like the band on Facebook, and check out their other releases on Bandcamp.