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Track Review: Eccentronic Research Council ft Maxine Peake, “M.B. Motorcycle Enthusiast”

Eccentronic Research Council, M. B. Motorcycle Enthusiast (Desolate Spools, 2/10/2014)

“…with the demure of a silent and deadly assassin/Blessed with the vocabulary of a very blue comedian”

Actress Maxine Peake regales us with the louche tales of the titular enthusiast over a backdrop of Kraftwerkian synths and motorik beats, using wry quips that would make Mark E. Smith proud (hit the North!).  Like being driven through the streets of a nameless European city.  With a tour guide from the North of England.  In a 1977 analog future.

Brilliant lead track from the Eccentronic Research Council’s collaboration with Peake (of British legal drama ‘Silk’ and the UK version of ‘Shameless’), Magpie Billy and the Egg That Yolked.

[Note:  While typing this, I came across a remix the E.R.C. did for ‘Touch That Leather’ (see earlier review) – what a cowinkeedink!  It’s deliriously gonzo – somehow reminds me of a 70s sitcom theme, or something Prince Paul might come up with.]