New Track: Ezra Furman, Restless Year

Ezra Furman – “Restless Year” (Bella Union)

The title says it all, really – this song bounces around breathlessly from style to style like that guy trying to bust out of the comic book at the end of that A-ha video:  a 70s cheese ooh-la melody, a bass line that sounds like a spazzy version of the same from a Three Dog Night “classic”, a frenetic bridge that starts off sorta sounding like The The’s “Infected” played on pots and pans and closes with Ezra shrieking over power chords of “death” being his “Tom Sawyer”.  He’s like the guy who gets distracted in the middle of telling a story to start another one – and you go with it.  Ezra Furman’s back, with his Boyfriends – hooray!

From his as yet untitled new album, due this summer on Bella Union.

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